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Twin Cities Custom Outside Mounted Chimney Cap installation

Is an outside mount chimney cap the best solution for you?

We design our custom chimney caps to provide the ultimate protection for your chimney. We like to refer to it as guarding your chimney. We have taken a somewhat new creation in our industry to a whole new level. After extensive research and re-designing, we have come up with the ultimate chimney protection. We custom build it exclusively for your chimney in a local, fabrication shop. We use only the best materials and our chimney caps meet or exceed the chimney industry standards and all applicable codes. The outside mounted cap provides a clean and strong look to the chimney. When compared to a traditional chimney top which is constructed of mortar or concrete, the outside mount chimney cap offers much more coverage and protection. That means your chimney will last many more years! 
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Outside Mounted Cap Benefits:

Prevents Moisture Damage - Most of the damage we find on masonry chimneys, both inside and out, is from exposure to rainwater over many years. When exposed to rain, snow, and ice over time, the masonry elements of your chimney will eventually start to crumble and decompose. When mixed with some types of soot, water can become even more harmful to the inside structure of your chimney. Intermittent freezing and thawing can cause problems such as cracks in the structure called spalling (when the surface starts to peel or flake off). The ChimGuard Chimney Cap protects your entire chimney system from the hash effects of rain, snow, and ice.

Keep Animal's Out - Small animals such as birds, squirrels, or even raccoons often make their nests in gaps they find in the brick outside your chimney or even inside the chimney flue. Animal nests can create a blockage that will not allow the proper flow of smoke and toxins out of your home when you use your fireplace. ChimGuard Chimney Caps prevent these guests from making a home out of your chimney.

Protects Against Chimney Fires - Burning embers from the fireplace may get caught up with the hot gases in your chimney and escape onto your roof or your yard. These embers can potentially come into contact with combustible materials outside the house and start a fire. The mesh on the ChimGuard Chimney Caps acts as a spark arrestor to prevent these burning particles from escaping your chimney.

Keeps Debris Out - When the top of the chimney flue is open, anything can fall into the chimney. Not only leaves and branches but other things like plastic bags, and nesting materials can find their way down your chimney. If left to accumulate, random debris can prevent proper venting in your chimney. ChimGuard Chimney Caps keep all types of debris out of your chimney.

Helps Stop Downdrafts - When the wind is blowing in a certain direction over your chimney flue, it can cause a downdraft. When you have a fire burning, a downdraft can keep smoke and toxins from getting out of your home. A ChimGuard Chimney Cap will prevent this type of downdraft so that the air inside your home stays safe.

ChimGuard Lifetime Warranty

We warranty the products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship and will function as expected under normal residential circumstances. This lifetime replacement warranty does not cover damage resulting from abuse, misuse, natural disaster, abnormal mechanical or environmental conditions, or modifications.
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