Dependable Storm Damage Roof Repair in the Greater Rochester Area

Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset


The Storm Damage Roof Repair Specialists

After weathering one of the powerful storms that the Greater Rochester Area is famous (or infamous) for, you and your family made it through safely; however, your roof wasn’t as lucky. Whether it’s sprung a leak, a few shingles are missing, or an entire section has blown off, no matter the severity, when it comes to repairing your roof after a storm, you need to act fast. At Carter Roofing & Exteriors, we understand that there’s no time to wait, which is why we offer prompt and efficient full-service storm damage roof repair services.  

Wind, hail, ice, snow, and rain; our team of professionally trained, GAF-certified, Owens Corning preferred roofing contractors can handle any type of weather Mother Nature throws your way. Dented gutters, cracked shingles, missing flashing, water spots, and everything in between; no job is too big or too small for our experts to handle! For fast, efficient, durable, and affordably priced storm damage repair services in the Greater Rochester Area, there’s only one place to call: Carter Roofing & Exteriors.

Signs Your Roof Has Sustained Storm-Related Damage

Storms here in Upstate New York can be fierce, especially in the winter. High winds, heavy snow, freezing rain, and even hail can pack a powerful punch and cause serious damage to your roof. If left unchecked, storm damage can result in serious problems that can lead to leaks and mold growth. In severe situations, the integrity of the entire structure can end up being compromised. To avoid more serious issues and exorbitant repairs, and to protect your loved ones and yourself, being aware of the signs of storm-related damages and checking your roof when the skies clear is imperative.

How can you tell if your roof has been damaged by a storm? The following are telltale signs:


  •         Damaged or missing shingles
  •         Damaged or missing flashing
  •         Dented gutters
  •         Bare shingles
  •         Granules in the gutters or downspouts
  •         Damp spots
  •         Active leaks


If you’re having any of the above-mentioned problems with your roof after a storm (or any other issue), don’t delay; get in touch with the pros at Carter Roofing & Exteriors right away! The longer you put off addressing the problem, the worse the damage will become, and the more extensive – and expensive – the repairs will be.


The Greater Rochester Area’s Storm Damage Roof Repair Specialists

Whether you suspect your roof has been damaged by a storm or you’re positive it has been, contact the company that residents of the Rochester metro area rely on for all of their roofing needs: Carter Roofing & Exteriors. Your roof protects your most valuable assets – your loved ones, your possessions, and your memories. When the structure sustains storm-related damages, prompt, reliable, and efficient repair services are a must, and when you choose us for your storm damage roof repair needs, that’s exactly what you’ll get!


We’re an award-winning, GAF-certified, Owens Corning preferred contractor that has been serving the Greater Rochester Area for years. Our team of professionally trained, highly experienced technicians are experts in their field, and they perform the most intensive inspections, adhere to the most rigorous safety protocols, and use the most advanced materials and proven techniques to deliver impeccable results. Whether you’re missing a few shingles or an ice dam is causing major flooding, when we’re on the job, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your roof, your entire home, and your family will be in the most competent, capable, and caring hands. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, call today!

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