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We offer comprehensive chimney repair services to ensure that your home’s chimney is functioning properly and safely. We are a local, family-owned and operated company that is focused on caring for our customers. Our team relentlessly works to improve our service, products and value which is what our customers deserve. Servicing the Twin Cities and local surrounding area’s.

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Dakota County Chimney Repair

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Chimney repair and cleaning can be a difficult and dangerous job if you aren’t equipped with the right tools and experience. In order to ease your frustrations, let the Twin Cities chimney cleaning professionals handle the dirty work for you.

Projects Large and Small

Our team of experienced professionals has the skills and knowledge to handle any chimney repair, big or small. From simple repairs like replacing a chimney cap or fixing a small crack, to more complex issues like rebuilding a chimney or repairing damage from a chimney fire, we have the expertise to get the job done right. We also offer additional chimney services that can help improve the overall efficiency and safety of your chimney, such as chimney relining and chimney cleaning.

Don’t let chimney problems go unchecked! Contact us today to schedule your chimney repair or maintenance services. You can trust that Suburban Chimney Solutions will keep your home and family safe.

Dakota County Chimney Rebuild


Regular inspections identify issues early, ensuring your chimney functions safely and efficiently, preventing costly repairs.

The frequency depends on usage. For regular use, an annual cleaning is recommended to remove creosote buildup and ensure safe operation.

Chimney flashing is metal installed to prevent water leaks. It needs repair if damaged to prevent water damage to your home’s interior.

Chimney relining involves replacing the chimney liner. It’s necessary when the current liner is damaged or too large/small for the heating appliance.

Yes, animals like birds and raccoons can enter chimneys. Install a chimney cap with a mesh to prevent their entry.

Draft issues can be due to various factors. Consult a professional to assess and recommend solutions such as a chimney cap or adjusting air vents.

 Signs include loud cracking, popping noises, and dense smoke. If you suspect a chimney fire, evacuate your home and call emergency services.

Creosote is a tar-like substance formed by burning wood. It’s dangerous as it can ignite, causing a chimney fire. Regular cleaning removes creosote buildup.

Regularly inspect and maintain the chimney crown, flashing, and install a chimney cap to prevent water entry and subsequent damage.