Chimney Damper Replacement

Twin Cities Energy-Efficient Top Mounting Damper Installation

The Importance Of a Structurally Sound Chimney Damper: 

A leaking or missing fireplace damper can cost a homeowner close to 400 dollars in heat loss alone per winter. Suburban Chimney Solutions has you covered. We have a conventional replacement chimney and fireplace damper and components that will improve your heating and cooling bill. Many people love the cozy feel of a fireplace, but these additions do come with some maintenance. Original cast iron, ineffective chimney and fireplace dampers can cost you big in heating loss. You may not even notice before you are well over 1000 dollars in losses. Create a tight seal at the top of your chimney and keep energy in the home all year around. Top mountain chimney dampers are designed to stop cold air from coming down the chimney flue during the winters and expensive conditioned air from going up during the summer months. Save your money starting today by improving your fireplace to maximize efficiency.
Unlike the fireplace and chimney, which are only being used when you have a fire going, the damper plays an important role when the fireplace is both active and inactive. When the fireplace is in use, an open damper prevents smoke from filling up your home by giving it a way out through the chimney flue. When there is no fire, keep the damper shut. This prevents cold outside air from entering the house. This is a cost-effective way when conserving energy.
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Get The Best Chimney Damper In St Paul - Minneapolis & The Surrounding Area's!

If your chimney damper is damaged, rusted out, or it's allowing cold air to flow down into your home. The solution is to get a Chim-A-Lator Deluxe installed today. This stainless steel constructed damper is the best out there. It has many advantages including being 100% energy-efficient, acts as a chimney rain cap and has a stainless steel casing to keep embers and sparks contained within the fireplace flue. It is also backed with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.
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