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At Suburban Chimney Solutions, we reline damaged fireplace flue system's with a UL listed, stainless steel liner to bring your fireplace back to life.
If you recently scheduled a chimney inspection and the findings revealed your fireplace can no longer hold the byproducts of combustion, we have the long-term solution for you. Internal fireplace flue damage is something you cannot ignore or deal with later if you want to continue using your fireplace safely. Why not invest in repairs that will last decades and prevent you from having a potential chimney fire. Invest in a new stainless steel liner.
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Stainless Steel Chimney Liners Can Do All Of The Following:

Safely restore a chimney with a damaged clay tile or terra-cotta liner, help eliminate smoke issues and draft problems associated with an improperly sized or damaged liner, stainless steel liners are strong, durable, and designed to effectively and efficiently vent wood appliances such as a fireplace.
At Suburban Chimney Solutions, we proudly re-line damaged fireplace chimney flues with a 304 stainless steel heavy-wall liner which can fit into just about any chimney regardless of the size or shape. This being the best chimney liner on the market it is also backed with a Limited Lifetime, Transferable Warranty when installed and maintained through, Suburban Chimney Solutions. This means you can be confident in the durability and strength of your new liner installation.

Why Use Stainless Steel & Not Aluminum Fireplace Liners?

With aluminum costing less money than stainless steel, you may be wondering why stainless steel is worth the investment. Well, for one, there are stainless steel liners for every fuel type, while aluminum liners are only approved for use with some fuel types. Additionally, stainless steel liners typically carry a lifetime warranty while aluminum liners are prone to rust and corrosion after year's of service. So make the best choice and invest in a new stainless steel chimney liner for your fireplace. We proudly show our customer's exactly what we are installing prior to the installation. This will put your mind at ease knowing that you are getting the best quality, chimney liner on the market.
To request an appointment to have your chimney liner inspected or replaced, give Suburban Chimney Solutions a call today: 651-399-2759
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