Chimney Leak Repairs

Worried About The Rain Coming In Your Home From a Leaking Chimney?

Have you noticed moisture around the base of your chimney, water in your attic, a water stain on the walls near your fireplace, or a puddle of water in your firebox after it rains? All of these things are a potential sign of a leaking chimney. There are many different possible causes of a chimney leak. To prevent further damages, contact our chimney professionals without delay. Moisture damage often leads to costly repairs when not addressed immediately.

A Damaged Chimney with a leak
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Possible Causes Of a Chimney Leak:

If you have a possible chimney leak in Eagan, MN, it's important to give us a call right away. Discovering the exact cause of a chimney leak is usually a process of elimination, as variant potential causes are explored by one of our chimney professionals, who have the experience and expertise to identify the source of the moisture problem. The following are among the possible causes of a chimney leak in Dakota County:

  • Damaged chimney crown - The cement cover at the top of the chimney is the chimney crown. If it becomes cracked or begins to crumble from years of deteriation, water can seep down in between the flue system and the chimney masonry causing moisture damage.
  • No chimney cap - If you don't have a chimney cap or if your chimney cap is damaged, water likely pours into your chimney whenever it rains giving the masonry a soaking. Moisture is a chimneys enemy, and installing a chimney cap is one of the most effective ways to help prevent direct water intrusion.
  • Damaged chimney liner - combustion byproducts contain a large amount of moisture. If the chimney liner is damaged, chimney materials can become soaked from the condensation produced as a fire dies down and the temperature in the liner begins to cool.
  • Damaged chimney flashing - the metal flashing that prevents rain from entering where the roof and the chimney structure meet is frequently the cause of water damage for our customers in the Twin Cities. The metal often becomes rusted. If the problem isn't detected quickly, major structural damage could occur to your home. Another potential cause of a chimney flashing leak is caused by a improper installation.

Contact a Professional Chimney Sweep

You may have pinpointed the cause of your leaky chimney, but it's still important to contact a professional chimney sweep for repairs. If moisture is entering your chimney system and the cause of the damage isn't addressed, the result could be cracked or missing mortar, liner deterioration, and deterioration of your chimney structure. We recommend that you take action before a leak occurs. Schedule an annual inspection before the start of a new burn season. Our chimney professionals will identify and repair issues that arise before they cause extensive damage to your home.
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