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Protect Your Home from Leaky Chimneys: Expert Repair Services

Does the charm of rainy days get disappear when you find water making its way into your home through a leaking chimney? From unsightly moisture around the base of your chimney to unwelcome puddles in your firebox after a downpour, these issues are more than just inconveniences – they’re warning signs of a potentially serious chimney leak.

At Suburban Chimney Solutions, we understand the urgency of addressing chimney leaks before they lead to extensive and costly damages. Our dedicated chimney professionals are here to provide you with top-notch repair services that not only fix the immediate issue but also prevent future problems. Don’t let moisture damage dampen your home and your wallet; reach out to us without delay for expert chimney leak repairs.

Cracked chimney liner
Dakota County Chimney Leak Repairs

Possible Causes Of a Chimney Leak:

If you suspect a chimney leak in your Eagan, MN home, don’t hesitate to reach out to us immediately. Our skilled chimney professionals are ready to help identify and address the issue. With their experience and expertise, they can pinpoint the source of the moisture problem. Here are some potential causes of chimney leaks in Dakota County that our team can investigate:

  1. Damaged Chimney Crown: The chimney crown, located at the top, can crack or deteriorate over time. This allows water to seep between the flue system and the chimney masonry, causing moisture damage.
  2. No Chimney Cap or Damaged Cap: Without a proper chimney cap or with a damaged one, rainwater easily enters the chimney, soaking the masonry. Installing or repairing a chimney cap is a highly effective way to prevent water from directly getting in.
  3. Damaged Chimney Liner: The moisture in combustion byproducts can damage chimney materials if the liner is compromised. This often happens when the temperature cools after a fire, leading to condensation.
  4. Damaged Chimney Flashing: The metal flashing that keeps rain out at the point where the chimney meets the roof is a common culprit for water damage. Rust or improper installation can cause leaks that might lead to significant home damage if not fixed promptly.

If any of these issues sound familiar, don’t wait – contact us today. Our team is dedicated to swiftly diagnosing and resolving chimney leaks to protect your home fRom further harm.

Contact a Professional Chimney Sweep

You may have pinpointed the cause of your leaky chimney, but it’s still important to contact a professional chimney sweep for repairs. If moisture is entering your chimney system and the cause of the damage isn’t addressed, the result could be cracked or missing mortar, liner deterioration, and deterioration of your chimney structure. 

We recommend that you take action before a leak occurs. Schedule an annual inspection before the start of a new burn season. Our chimney professionals will identify and repair issues that arise before they cause extensive damage to your home.
Dakota County Chimney Leak Repairs