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Twin Cities Chimney Smoke Chamber Repair

Improve your fireplace's performance, draft and reduce potential problems with professional smoke chamber repairs. This area of the chimney system connects the fireplace to the internal flue system, which is a very important area. This part of the system can take a beating over the course of multiple years from high heat exposures from the flames, and when damages arise you may not be able to see damages from where you sit, but it can negatively impact the safety and performance of your entire chimney system.

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Here's how:

The whole purpose of the chimney's smoke chamber is to take on all the smoke and acidic by-products produced by the fire and quickly escort them up into the fireplace flue and out of the home. In order to do this, the smoke chamber must be smoothed over and free of anything that could create drag - turbulence or slow the smoke and byproducts on their way out. When holes and cracks develop, or the surface of the smoke chamber becomes jagged and rough, smoke, by-products, and even heat can transfer to nearby walls and framing, and dangerous gases like carbon monoxide can enter the air supply within the home. Let's recap what a damaged smoke chamber means: 
Decrease in performance. Instead of the smoke quickly leaving up the chimney, it may find its way back into your home while your having a fire. Additionally, sparks can come into contact with nearby walls and framing and either situation, it can lead to a potential fire. Additionally, carbon monoxide and other dangerous by-products can enter the air supply of your home when the fireplace is in use which would make it unsafe.
If you have noticed any smoke problems or you think you may have smoke chamber damage, the easiest way to make sure of this is to schedule a chimney and fireplace inspection. There's no easy way to see the smoke chamber but with our video camera system, it will allow us to closely inspect the entire smoke chamber area from top to bottom. If there are any damages we will be able to see it and point these out to you during the chimney inspection process.

Chamber Safe:

Chamber Safe is a industry favorite when it comes to repairing damaged fireplace smoke chambers. It is a refractory material that is used to parge the internal smoke chamber smooth and smooth over any jagged, cracked, or damaged surfaces. This will bring your smoke chamber back to a safe, code compliant condition. It will also strengthen the structure and improve your draft while burning.
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