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Patrick and his team were wonderfully responsive, professional and provided great value and competitive pricing in the replacement of my chimney crown. I would highly recommend them!

Mary Carroll

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This was the BEST experience ever!!! He was VERY professional and precise!!! He was very friendly and made me feel like he wanted my business!!! Thank u so much for an incredible experience!!

Mansi Loya

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We offer comprehensive chimney repair services to ensure that your home's chimney is functioning properly and safely. We are a local, family-owned and operated company that is focused on caring for our customers. Our team relentlessly works to improve our service, products and value which is what our customers deserve. Servicing the Twin Cities and local surrounding area's.

Chimney Sweep - Inspection

Crown Replacement

Chimney Rebuilding

Chimney Tuckpointing

Flue Resurfacing

Liner Replacement

Smoke Chamber Repair
Brick Chimney

Chimney Waterproofing

Chimney Cap Installation

Chimney Cap Installation

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Chimney Damper Replacement

A Damaged Chimney with a leak

Chimney Leak Repairs

Licensed & Insured

Servicing the Twin Cities and Surrounding Areas

Projects Large and Small

Our team of experienced professionals has the skills and knowledge to handle any chimney repair, big or small. From simple repairs like replacing a chimney cap or fixing a small crack, to more complex issues like rebuilding a chimney or repairing damage from a chimney fire, we have the expertise to get the job done right. We also offer additional chimney services that can help improve the overall efficiency and safety of your chimney, such as chimney relining and chimney cleaning.


Don't let chimney problems go unchecked! Contact us today to schedule your chimney repair or maintenance services. You can trust that Suburban Chimney Solutions will keep your home and family safe.

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Serving the Saint Paul area

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Trust the Experts for All Your Chimney Repair Needs

Chimney repair and cleaning can be a difficult and dangerous job if you aren’t equipped with the right tools and experience. In order to ease your frustrations, let the Twin Cities chimney cleaning professionals handle the dirty work for you.

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Who to Call for Chimney Repairs?
Your fireplace is a key feature of your home. It provides reliable and affordable warmth, plus, there really is nothing better than cozying up with your loved ones on those freezing-cold Minnesota nights. In order to ensure your fireplace works properly and safely, however, the chimney needs to be in tip-top condition. After all, it’s …

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How Often Should You Clean Your Chimney?
When it comes to cleaning your home, certain elements are neglected. If you’re like a lot of homeowners, one of those elements is probably the chimney. It’s often a case of “out of sight, out of mind”, but that doesn’t mean that it’s okay. In fact, not cleaning your chimney can lead to disastrous results. …

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A Chimney Sweeper On The Roof Cleans A Chimney
What Does a Clean Sweep Chimney Service Provide?
Like millions of other Minnesotans, you probably rely on a wood-burning fireplace to keep your home warm during those frigid winter months. While it provides reliable and affordable warmth – and creates welcoming ambiance (there’s really nothing more inviting than a roaring fire), are you sure it’s safe to use? Each year, tens of thousands …

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Chimney Cleaning FAQ
What Can Cause a Chimney Fire Chimney liners or structural problems can allow high temperatures, sparks and embers to escape to combustible areas in walls, roofs or attics. A common cause of chimney fires is creosote inside the chimney catching fire and burning inside the chimney. A good cleaning and regular inspections can help to …

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