Chimney Cap Installation

Suburban Chimney Solutions

Chimney Rebuilding

Restoring Safety & Functionality

Expert Chimney Rebuilds for Enhanced Safety and Aesthetic Appeal in Twin Cities

Is your chimney beyond simple repairs? For severely damaged or poorly-built chimneys, we offer total chimney rebuilds to provide you with a stronger and more aesthetically pleasing structure. We even handle chimney extensions for height issues. Serving St. Paul and surrounding areas, our expert masons are your go-to resource for consultation and rebuilding services to renew your chimney’s form and function.

Chimney Removal & Demolition

Looking to completely remove a damaged or unused chimney obstructing a home renovation? We offer specialized chimney removal and demolition services tailored to your needs. Whether it’s taking down the chimney just below the roofline or all the way to its foundation, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to us today for a comprehensive assessment on chimney removal options in St. Paul and neighboring communities.

Dakota County Chimney Rebuild
Dakota County Chimney Rebuild
brick chimney with scaffolding on roof.

Comprehensive Chimney Services

Is your chimney showing signs of age and wear? At Suburban Chimney Solutions, we specialize in chimney rebuilding and repair services that can transform your aging fireplace back to its original glory. From missing mortar joints to cracks, holes, and discoloration, we tackle all types of masonry issues to restore the structural and aesthetic integrity of your chimney and fireplace. Our expertise extends to essential services like chimney tuckpointing, brick repair, and even full chimney rebuilds from the roofline-up, serving Saint Paul, Minnesota, and surrounding areas.

Our process starts by meticulously removing damaged mortar between the bricks. Our seasoned professionals then apply new, commercial-grade mortar to strengthen and beautify the joints, ensuring the durability and visual appeal of your chimney. We take extra precautions to protect adjacent bricks and roofing materials from any mortar spillage during the repair process, promising a clean and efficient service.

If you’re dealing with cracked or discolored bricks, our expert masons are skilled in identifying the perfect replacement that matches the existing color, texture, and strength of your chimney’s bricks. We carefully remove the damaged bricks and replace them with the new, seamlessly integrating them into your existing structure. Trust us to leave you with a restored, sturdy, and visually appealing chimney that will stand the test of time.