Chimney Rebuilding

Twin Cities Masonry Chimney Repair & Rebuilding.

Is the age of your chimney or fireplace starting to show? With time, exposure to heat, moisture, and freeze and thaw conditions, it can really age and deteriorate even the strongest brick and mortar joints, taking a once-perfect chimney and fireplace and turning them into an eye-sore. Whether you've spotted missing mortar joints between your bricks, holes or cracks in the joints, or brick spalling or crumbling brick, discoloration or efflorescence, or another form of masonry damage, we can restore your masonry chimney and fireplace. 
We specialize in chimney tuckpointing, brick repair, or replacement, and we can even rebuild your entire chimney from the roofline-up.
If the mortar in between your brick is damaged, we start by carefully grinding out the joints. Once the old, damaged motor is removed, one of our team professionals with years of experience will be able to mix up new, commercial-grade mortar and re-tuckpoint the joints, smoothing it over and making sure that the mortar joints are structurally strong and aesthetically pleasing. Throughout the process, we take great care to protect the surrounding bricks and even the roof from any mortar droppings during this process.
If your chimney has any cracked, deteriorated or discolored brick, one of our expert masons can carefully remove the damaged brick from the chimney. Because of our experience and knowledge in masonry chimneys here in Saint Paul Minnesota and the surrounding communities, we are able to match and replace brick to your existing brick in terms of color, texture, and strength, which ensures the absolute best look. Once we've located the perfect replacement brick, we'll carefully pack in fresh mortar around the new bricks, leaving you with a solid chimney.
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A Brick Chimney
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Chimney Rebuilds:

Sometimes a little joint repair or brick replacement here and there simply won't do it. If the chimney is extensively damaged or was poorly-built, we can always give you a stronger, more beautiful chimney. We can also extend chimneys when the chimney height is a problem. Contact us today for a consultation to rebuild your chimney.

Chimney Removal | Chimney Demolition

If your chimney is currently damaged, getting in the way of a home remodeling project, or it's not in use anymore, we have another solution for you. We can simply remove the existing chimney structure. We can remove the old, unused chimney down below the roofline, or we can remove it all the way down to it's foundation. If you need a chimney removal In St Paul or the local surrounding area's, contact us today for an assessment.
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