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Make Your Masonry Chimney Last For Decades

A safe chimney is a strong one, which all begins with the integrity of the foundation. Suburban Chimney Solutions provides the tuckpointing and repointing services you need to make sure your masonry chimney will be durable for years to come. Your chimney's structural integrity and effectiveness are ensured by restoring its bricks and mortar in good condition. By grinding out deteriorating mortar from a masonry chimney, our chimney tuckpointing services will replace it with new mortar that is functionally and aesthetically compatible with the original construction. 


Our company offers efficient and skilled services in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul metropolitan areas. We employ a team of knowledgeable professionals to ensure your chimney will have the longevity and protection it needs to retain its value. With our tuckpointing and brick spalling services, we can handle any issue caused by water, weather, or time. By removing and repairing damaged bricks and mortar, we'll leave a functional and beautiful chimney that is built to last.

TuckPointing And Brick Spalling Services For Exceptional Chimney Repair

Chimneys must start with a solid foundation in order to be strong. There are numerous things that can weaken a chimney over time, but water is a primary culprit for damage. Regardless of how well your chimney is built, weather and aging can also cause damage, called spalling. Our brick spalling repair fixes any chipping or crumbling bricks to keep your chimney’s masonry strong. With our skill, dedication, and attention to detail, your chimney will look flawless and function like it's brand new. Our treatments will quickly restore your masonry chimney's appearance and functionality. 


With over 25 years of combined experience, Suburban Chimney Solutions can provide you with the exceptional services you require. We strive to get 100 percent customer satisfaction from our adept work. If you have an old chimney that is in need of tuckpointing maintenance or a newer chimney that is showing signs of cracking or crumbling, we are the company you can trust.


Why Choose The Twin Cities’ Preferred Chimney Tuckpointing Services

Your chimney is a big investment to keep safe and looking brand new. Suburban Chimney Solutions will help you protect your investment by maintaining your chimney properly and looking great. We will provide you with cost-effective solutions to repair a crumbling and deteriorating chimney. Our company guarantees high-quality work with a friendly and experienced team.


Our aim is to get your chimney's longevity and protection to last as long as possible so that it retains its value for years, or even decades to come!  By having your chimney tuckpointed, you can improve the structure of the chimney and lower your likelihood of experiencing costly damage from leaks, chipping, or further deterioration. Using the proper supplies and methods, our technicians are dedicated to completing your chimney tuckpointing and brick spalling in a prompt and timely manner, leaving no mess behind for your home. We provide only the greatest personnel and resources to ensure that each job is done right. For trusted services in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, schedule your appointment today!

Why Choose Us?

We’re Experienced

At Suburban Chimney Solutions, our specialists have over 25 years of combined knowledge and expertise to repair your damaged chimney.

We’re Dependable

You can count on Suburban Chimney Solutions to complete each task with knowledgeable and qualified specialists for all of your chimney tuckpointing and brick spalling needs.

We’re Professional

We will manage every step of the tuckpointing procedure from beginning to end to achieve outstanding, long-lasting results.

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