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Twin Cities Chimney Crown Replacement & Repair

A chimney crown serves as a roof for your chimney. Constructed of concrete, it provides a solid barrier against water infiltration, which will erode the chimneys masonry structure with time. The new crown is built with a sloped design that overhangs by 2 inches off of the exterior of the chimney, allowing rainwater to be channeled away from the flue openings and keep rainwater from running directly down the outside of the chimney structure which can lead to deterioration within the bricks and mortar. Most homeowners are unaware of the condition of their chimney crown and it is recommended to do an annual chimney inspection to catch problems early.
Chimney crowns that are showing signs of damage and are left unattended can cause problems ranging from expensive to catastrophic. If water is allowed to bypass the crown and seep into the chimneys bricks, it will freeze in the cold weather and expand in warmer temperatures causing further decomposition.
Dakota County Chimney Crown Replacement
Dakota County Chimney Crown Replacement
Dakota County Chimney Crown Replacement

Expert Chimney Crown Sealing

When the cracking on your chimney crown is minor to moderate, a waterproof sealant often provides an effective solution. The first step in the repair process is to grind out the existing cracks and fill them with a strong, durable polyurethane caulking material that can stretch without causing further damage to the crown. A professional crown sealant is then applied, which serves to block water from infiltrating compromised areas and restores your chimney to safe operation. This sealing process should only be carried out by experienced chimney professionals skilled in crown repairs.

Additionally, it’s crucial to consider the overall health of your chimney system before and after such repairs. Regular inspections are key to detecting issues before they become major problems. Even after a crown sealing job, ongoing maintenance and annual inspections are advisable to ensure the integrity and safety of your chimney. Trusting this important task to certified professionals ensures you’ll get the most life and safest use out of your chimney.

Premium Chimney Crown Rebuilding

If your chimney has severe damage, a professional inspection is essential to determine the extent and location of the issues. Chimney crown rebuilding is generally a straightforward process that can protect your chimney for years, assuming the overall structure is sound. For more complex repairs, our trained crews are equipped to handle the job efficiently and effectively.

It’s important to note that mortar is not suitable for rebuilding a chimney crown, as it deteriorates quickly due to water absorption. We exclusively use high-quality, commercial grade cement for durable and long-lasting chimney crown replacements.

Don’t delay necessary chimney repairs, as existing damage could escalate into a costly and hazardous situation. A chimney has various components, from flue liners to caps, and only an expert can properly identify and fix compromised areas. If it’s been a while since your last chimney inspection, contact Suburban Chimney Solutions, the top chimney crown repair company in Eagan, MN, for a comprehensive annual check-up.

Dakota County Chimney Crown Replacement