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Seeking custom chimney solutions in Minnetonka, MN? Rely on Suburban Chimney Solutions for personalized and efficient installations.
CJ Johnson
CJ Johnson
First Minneapolis winter in our new home and found a leak near one of the chimneys. Patrick at Suburban offered a detailed report with photos while estimating repair costs and sharing all possible options for fixing the issue. Tanner and his crew were great to work with too. On-time, courteous and exceptional workmanship!!!
Robert Mcgrane
Robert Mcgrane
If you are looking for chimney repair/service look no further! Suburban Chimney Repair is top notch. I had 6 companies out for bids and they were by far the most cost effective. But just because they were cheaper didn’t mean they skimped on any of the products or service. They were amazing! Got the job done on time and on budget. They went above and beyond with the finishes, even redoing things that they felt didn’t meet their standards (I had no idea). The crew was super friendly and professional as well! 10 out of 10!
Mike Ramsay
Mike Ramsay
Well organized company, came out date & time as promised to complete project helped with filing with my insurance company. Excellent job restoring chimney & crown. Crown comes with lifetime warranty. Highly recommend! Mike R
Matt Kruger
Matt Kruger
Efficient, professional, and kind. I submitted an inquiry on the website for a quote to remove my unused chimney stack. Patrick called very shortly after with a reasonable quote and put me on the schedule right away. Patrick was clear in his communication through the process and extremely kind over the phone. I would definitely use these guys again in the future for any chimney needs.
John R. Hafer
John R. Hafer
The furnas vent cap on the top of my roof broke and blew off due to age and rust, leaving my roof vent opening exposed to the elements. I had no idea who to call and who fixes such a thing. I found Suburban Chimney Solutions through Google and called them. I can not tell you how pleased I am with them. Patrick came out the same day, and installed a new stainless steel vent cap. He was here on-time, did a professional install, and was extremely polite. I could not have asked for more. I absolutely highly recommend this company for your needs. You will not be disappointed! Five stars all the way!!
Patty Bauer
Patty Bauer
I had my whole chimney refurbished up to date with a liner put in. Big job for Justin and his partner to do. They were efficient and worked hard. I wanted to make sure that after many years of having a wood fire, it would be safe from having a chimney fire. Glad I finally did it and had Suburban Chimney do the work!
Kaitlyn Rose
Kaitlyn Rose
Thank you for the awesome chimney upgrade, makes our home look 100x better! I'll be passing your info around the neighborhood!
Sunday Mancini
Sunday Mancini
I was surprised and thankful that Suburban Chimney was able to come out and take care of my cracked chimney in the winter — it was a big project and had been worrying me with all of the wet weather. They were professional and communicative throughout, I highly recommend them!
Edward Chavez
Edward Chavez
Good service from start to finish. Repaired my damaged chimney in a timely manner and I also had them clean my dryer vent which was fascinating to watch how much lint came out.

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Custom Chimney Installations by Our Chimney Company in Minnetonka, MN

The Art of Custom Chimney Design

In Minnetonka, MN, a chimney’s design and functionality can greatly impact your home’s aesthetic and value. At Suburban Chimney Solutions, we specialize in custom chimney installations, tailored to each homeowner’s unique style and needs. Understanding the intricacies of chimney design is our forte, and we take pride in bringing your vision to life in Hennepin County. Our approach involves a thorough consultation to grasp your preferences and the architectural style of your home.

We then proceed with detailed planning, ensuring that every aspect of your custom chimney – from the materials to the dimensions – aligns with your expectations. Our experienced team at Suburban Chimney Solutions employs the latest techniques and high-quality materials to ensure durability and efficiency. Our commitment to excellence has made us a trusted name in chimney installations in Minnetonka, MN, offering a blend of beauty and functionality.

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Tailored Solutions

Our approach at Suburban Chimney Solutions is all about customization. We design chimneys that reflect your style and meet your specific needs in Minnetonka, MN.

Expert Team

Our professionals are not just skilled; they're passionate about creating safe, efficient, and beautiful chimney installations.

Customer Satisfaction

At Suburban Chimney Solutions, we prioritize your satisfaction. We're committed to delivering quality installations and ensuring you're happy with the final result.

Ensuring Safety and Compliance

At Suburban Chimney Solutions, while we focus on the aesthetics of your custom chimney, safety and compliance with local regulations in Minnetonka, MN are paramount. Every chimney installation we undertake in Hennepin County meets the highest safety standards. Our team stays updated with the latest building codes and environmental guidelines, ensuring your chimney is not just attractive but also safe and eco-friendly.

During the installation process, our experts at Suburban Chimney Solutions pay meticulous attention to details like proper ventilation, structural integrity, and heat resistance. We use advanced tools and techniques to guarantee that your custom chimney looks great and functions flawlessly. With 651-399-2759, you have access to expert advice and services, ensuring your chimney installation is a smooth and worry-free experience.

The Varied Benefits of a Custom Chimney

Opting for a custom chimney installation in Minnetonka, MN, offers numerous benefits. At Suburban Chimney Solutions, we’ve seen how a well-designed chimney can enhance a home’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. A custom chimney allows for better integration with your home’s heating system, improving energy efficiency. This can be a significant advantage in the diverse climate of Hennepin County.

Moreover, a custom chimney becomes your home’s architecture focal point. Whether you prefer a traditional look or a modern design, Suburban Chimney Solutions can deliver. We also consider factors like your home’s layout and the local environment in Minnetonka, MN, ensuring your chimney looks good and performs optimally in all conditions. With our expertise, your chimney will be a testament to both style and substance.

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