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Common Chimney Repairs in Maplewood, MN

When the residents of Ramsey County need chimney repair services, Suburban Chimney Solutions is the first company they call. Offering years of experience and a proven track record of success, the certified technicians at our locally owned and operated, fully licensed and insured company have the knowledge and skill that you can count on to meet all of your needs. From chimney cap installations to chimney crown repairs, and from chimney waterproofing to masonry chimney rebuilding, no job is too big or too small for our team of talented experts to handle. If you need a Maplewood, MN chimney repair company, for the best results possible, look no further than Suburban Chimney Solutions!

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Common Chimney Repairs in Maplewood, MN

While you depend on your fireplace to produce reliable warmth and to create welcoming ambiance, you might not think twice about your chimney. The chimney is an integral part of your fireplace system, as it exhausts the byproducts of combustion, including smoke, soot, ash, and excess heat out of your Ramsey County home, and it supplies the oxygen that fires need to burn. Needless to say, for your fireplace to function as efficiently and safely as possible, the chimney needs to be in tip-top condition.

Unfortunately, however, with regular exposure to harsh conditions, a chimney can become damaged. Things like ground shifting, moisture, wind, extreme temperatures, and even the sun’s harsh UV rays can wreak havoc on a chimney. No matter how minimal the damage, if your chimney is in disrepair, using your fireplace can be hazardous, as there’s an increased risk of chimney fires and carbon monoxide exposure. With that said, to protect your Ramsey County home and your family, contacting a reputable Maplewood, MN chimney repair company as soon as you detect an issue is imperative. But what kinds of chimney repairs might you need? The following is a list of some of the most common chimney repairs that Ramsey County homeowners require.

Chimney Cap Installation

The chimney cap is an integral part of your chimney system. Usually made of metal, the cap is a protective covering that sits on the top of your chimney, and prevents things like rain, snow, outdoor debris (leaves, pine needles, acorns, etc.), and even animals, from traveling into your chimney. Because it sits at the top of your chimney, the cap takes a serious beating. If the chimney cap is damaged, the structure – and your Ramsey County home – is open to intrusion from outdoor elements, including pest infestations. Because it’s such an important part of your chimney system, contacting a Maplewood, MN chimney repair professional as soon as you suspect the cap is damaged is imperative.

Chimney Flue Repairs

The flue lines the interior of your chimney and prevents excessive heat from making contact with the surrounding building materials. Since it is constantly exposed to corrosive conditions, such as high heat, soot, ash, smoke, and creosote, the flue is prone to damage. It can also sustain damage if moisture seeps into your chimney. If the flue is damaged, using your fireplace can be extremely dangerous, as the risk of a chimney fire is exponentially higher. A certified Maplewood, MN chimney repair professional will not only be able to identify the cause and extent of the damage but will use the highest quality materials to repair this vital component of the structure.

Chimney Tuckpointing

A repair that owners of masonry chimneys in Ramsey County commonly require is tuckpointing. Masonry chimneys are constructed of brick or stone and mortar. The mortar is the glue that holds the brick or stone together. While generally durable, mortar is highly porous, which means that it is susceptible to damage. Over time, the mortar joints can deteriorate, but the bricks or stone are still in good condition. Tuckpointing can be a solution to this problem. With tuckpointing, also known as repointing, a Maplewood, MN chimney repair specialist will remove the damaged mortar joints and after cleaning the space, will refill it with new mortar, restoring the strength and stability of your chimney, and enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

Chimney Crown Repair

Sometimes referred to as a chimney wash, a chimney crown sits on top of the chimney opening, protecting the structure from moisture. They’re commonly made of concrete, but can also be constructed of stone or metal. A crown is not the same thing as a cap, which is made of metal and mainly covers the flue. Like other components of your Ramsey County chimney, the crown can become damaged as a result of weather exposure and age, as well as improper installation and poor-quality materials and construction. The crown is considered a chimney’s first line of defense against the elements, which means that if it’s damaged, the chimney could leak. If the issue is not resolved, the masonry that your chimney is constructed of could crumble, and eventually, the entire structure could collapse. A licensed and experienced Maplewood, MN chimney repair company will be able to properly address the issue and restore the structural integrity of your chimney.

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Suburban Chimney Solutions, a full-service Maplewood, MN chimney repair company, specializes in all types of chimney repair. Whether you need one of the above-mentioned services or any other repair, you can count on our team of certified, experienced, and skilled technicians to deliver the highest-quality craftsmanship that will restore the safety and security of your chimney for years to come. To learn more about the chimney repair services that we offer or to schedule a free consultation, call 651-399-2759 today!

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For all of our professional services we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. As we provide Top-Notch services to residents and businesses in the Twin Cities and surrounding area’s we work hard to develop long-term relationships with our customers. We take pride in having top quality equipment to assure every job is done to perfection and our employees are well diversified and fully trained in all aspects of what we have to offer. Our outstanding customer service and satisfaction has earned the trust of hundreds of home and business owners throughout our Minnesota service area since our company began.

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