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Who to Call for Chimney Repairs?

Your fireplace is a key feature of your home. It provides reliable and affordable warmth, plus, there really is nothing better than cozying up with your loved ones on those freezing-cold Minnesota nights. In order to ensure your fireplace works properly and safely, however, the chimney needs to be in tip-top condition. After all, it’s the chimney that exhausts smoke out of your home and feeds fires the oxygen they need to burn.

Unfortunately, however, a chimney isn’t infallible. It’s constantly exposed to some seriously harsh conditions, including as intense heat, and corrosive smoke, soot, and ash. It’s exposed to outdoor elements, too, such as moisture, strong winds, the sun’s powerful UV rays, and even ground settling. Needless to say, a chimney can take a real beating, so it’s only natural that the structure is going to experience wear and tear that requires repairs.

When it comes to fixing a damaged chimney, trying to figure out who to call can be confusing. Do you need to contact a contractor that specializes in the specific components that need to be addressed; a mason if the bricks are cracked and mortar joints are missing, for example? While that’s certainly an option, rather than trying to determine which contractor does what, there’s an easier way to address all of your chimney repair needs. How? By simply contacting a chimney company, like Suburban Chimney Solutions!

We’re a full-service chimney company that specializes in all types of chimney repair. Chimney resurfacing, chimney cap installation, chimney crown repair, chimney tuckpointing, and so much more; our team of certified, licensed, and insured technicians are experts in their field and can address all of your chimney repair needs. Whether the liner is damaged, the crown has cracked, or you’re having moisture issues; whatever the problem may be, just one call to Suburban Chimney Solutions does it all!

Signs You Need to Call a Chimney Repair Professional

Now that you know the pros at Suburban Chimney Solutions can handle all of your chimney repair needs, you might be wondering when you might need our services. Trying to determine if you’re having issues with your chimney can be tricky, but there are some telltale signs that you can be on the lookout for. If you’re having any of the following issues, don’t delay; contact our chimney repair specialists right away!

Crumbling Flue Tiles

If you’ve noticed any pieces of flue tiles piling up inside your firebox, you definitely need to call a chimney repair professional. Intense heat combined with creosote and ash buildup can weaken the flue tiles, and eventually, they can crumble. If your flue isn’t in good shape, your safety can be compromised, so crumbling flue tiles should be addressed quickly.

Crumbling Masonry

Flue tiles aren’t the only part of a chimney that can crumble; the masonry can, too. While masonry materials are durable, age and repeat exposure to the elements, such as wind, rain, snow, and even ground movement, can weaken them. Brick and stone can crack and mortar joints can crumble. If your masonry is damaged, the structural integrity of your chimney can be compromised, so call a professional chimney repair specialist ASAP.

deteriorating chimney on roof in suburban neighborhood.

White Spots

If you’ve been spotting white spots on your chimney, you have a problem on your hands. Those white spots are the result of efflorescence. While the spots themselves are more of a cosmetic problem, the issue is what’s causing those spots. Efflorescence is a sign of moisture damage. When moisture seeps into brick and stone, as it dries, it pushes minerals out of the material, and those minerals collect on the surface; hence the white spots. Moisture and masonry are a recipe for disaster, so if you notice efflorescence, contacting a chimney repair professional is an absolute must.

Dependable Chimney Repair Services are Just a Phone Call Away!

If you’re experiencing any of the above-mentioned issues, you’re having any other problems with your chimney, or you simply want to learn more about the different types of chimney damage and the associated signs, contact Suburban Chimney Solutions! Our team is standing by, ready to take your call and assist you with all of your needs. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and if your chimney needs to be repaired, you can count on us to fully restore it.